All packed up and no place to go…

It's always an odd experience when you get everything together and you're filled with so much expectation of something happening and then *poof* all gone. That sounds like it could be bad, but it's a positive thing in this case. I do not have to leave Manor House at 10am like previously believed. I can […]

I have no ethics

JP just came over to show me Joe Swinger's yearbook survey. Here it is, in its glorious entirety… Here are my answers to the questions. FAVOURITES: Carb- Spaghetti Bolognese in Cinque Terre, Italy Field Trip- London Place to Eat- Ritz Hotel London British Trend- British Comedy in general Pub- I don't go to pubs. Drink- […]


Someday I will learn that just because I’m bored and avoiding homework, refreshing deadjournal will not make new entries appear. I think that sentence has some structural issues. After typing 19 pages (plus 5 pages frontmatter + 10 pages of works cited/illustration), it becomes a major diappointment to not see a wavy red line under […]


Daddy, I have had to kill you, You died before I had time– Marble-heavy, a bad full of God Ghastly statue with one grey toe. Given 1. the need to write more 2. the possibility of a summer spent reading Plath

ideas for this summer

Get four stuffed animals. Name them Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, and Luton. Have them all live veeeery far away from your bed. (this idea needs to be developed. I think Stansted has flees. erm… maybe I should be using a notebook and not livejournal). So you don't wanna hear about my good day? (the old car […]