Someday I will learn that just because I’m bored and avoiding homework, refreshing deadjournal will not make new entries appear. I think that sentence has some structural issues. After typing 19 pages (plus 5 pages frontmatter + 10 pages of works cited/illustration), it becomes a major diappointment to not see a wavy red line under words spelled incorrectly. Heh. I like that my 34 page paper isn’t even finished (it is missing three sections as well as an actual conclusion). We’ll see if Linda, my comp + art of the memoir teacher, will kill me.

Linda and Dr. Roos do not seem to like each other, which freaks me out. They’re always complaining indirectly about the other, especially Roosy. Dear crazy boss lady, why you gotta be hatin’ on crazy English teacher lady? It seems weird to be typing this in deadjournal because I know no one from the programme reads this… I have sold out! I am split between two worlds! I am obsessed with thefacebook!

Colege is weird. It’s time to listen to Oasis, right? Speaking of which… high school graduation was odd. When is yours Emmaness? I wish to attend.

I recieved a letter from Angela this morning. She’s one of Ginny’s Wisconsin friends (I’d say goth but that’s denying her a personality). It was addressed “dear facehead” which is a logical extension of, well, everything. I will have to steal it. Have I mentioned that Steph and Greg need to be in the same room? I probably have my hopes up too high because Steph isn’t crazy to strangers at first. We’re older now. No one needs to kick anyone; alcohol will smooth things over.

One time I was in Rome, London, and Oxford with Mike and Maren. I forget the two worlds do connect through her. There are other connections that I could doubtlessly pursue if I started comparing names with Tessa (ask someone if they know John S., he was big in Morris student politics last year.. sorta. Gay Hall!) I am missing Tessa lot these days. Well, everyone really.

JP was voted Manorian of the year, the first American to ever achieve the title. He was one of those people that scared me about this programme last year. It turns out he’s awesome and has a personality.. just like Bud… who I’m living with next year. What’s with all these three dimensional college boys? “JP” as we call him is from New Ulm. As well as Sheena (the academic and athletic all-star, I met her in honors last year). They know Tom and Dan… whatever. Those kids that moved to Brookings. One was in the hip kids. Today I watched a music video for the Killers- somebody told me on a myspace page. My soul is dying. I unintentionally piss people off here sometimes. Wit + not close friends = “you’re cheap” and “don’t be like Sheena!” hehe… The worst part is I never mean the offense. Unless it’s Joe S. (SWINGER!)… grr… fancy suits + zagat guide + moustache + honorable discharge from navy + aspects of Luke W. = one of two people I dislike on this trip. The other one killed the Beatles. Swinger took a video of me snoring loudly in a hostel. My hate is justified!

Crap, I’m liking this Arcade Fire song. Maybe I’ll go see them in May. I’m going to a lecture in London on Marcel Duchamp because of my comp paper. Solipsism is coming up everwhere, as well as the word contrariwise. Actually, everything is more or less connecting. I need to work on elucidating that over spring break in my journals (travelling Europe for a month by myself with a lot of books and notebooks = bad back + insanity).

I get weird after not being around people for two days. I hope thirty days improves social skills (I have yet to exhange more than a few sentences with someone in a hostel).

Perhaps I will find myself bicycling on the Dingle peninsula. For some reason I cannot see myself doing that alone. odd. I will have my thoughts with me!

This evening at dinner I found a peculiar letter in my box with no return address. It seemed to originate in Germany. It was my hall card (a laminated piece of purple paper with out picture placed upon it). I forged one for myself last week, so I would not have to pay £10 to replace it.

I lose a lot of things, but I find strange things to replace them. I miss my CD player. Stupid Den Caney coaches… I love you! Call me back. Please? At least I have this Wal-Mart mp3 player. I just need to load up on batteries.

I have so much to do before Saturday morning. Like spend Friday in an airport, willingly. I hope my trains from Schipol -> Paris -> Nice work out. The day before Easter does not bode well. Easter does not bode well. Spring break has gone so poorly in the past; I think this is my year for change.

It seems Sylvia Plath’s suicide was a poetic gesture. kind of like when I open an oven and go “Sylvvvvvvvvvia.” I love you mst3k. I will probably be reading Plath this summer… for enjoyment! I have a lot of plans for this summer. Let’s see which one fails first.

Oh, JP said like 25 of his high school friends are coming to the airport to meet him. this means 26 OF YOU NEED TO COME TO THE MINNEAPOLIS AIRPORT ON MAY 19TH. I will not be bested!

When kids have friends visiting from America, I can sense a difference; an us vs. them mentality. Our voices are softened, the Americans have an edge. I wonder what a return to pure English, pure Midwestern accent will be like. I wonder if it will be as loud as I am expecting.

What’s the plan? Is it a dream? Is it a lie? I think I’ll let you decide! (that’s solipsism, Arcade Fire!)

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