earlier I was sad and upset about not being able to make myself do homework. the mere thought of travel planning also made my brain hurt. then the phone rang. it was mommy. guess who got a photo on a jones soda bottle? that's going to be on tangerine bottles of jones soda. happy hunting! […]

Dear world, WHAT THE HELL?!

So there I was, sitting at my desk, pulling out my hair, when the phone rang. Guess who has a photograph on Jones soda now?!! They chose Bud's legs: My mom called and told me she'd opened the letter because she saw the labels through the envelope. They sent me seven copies and said “happy […]


I went to Berlin to see this: and to have a line of text in a book I'm reading to be pointed out. If a three dimensional object projects a two dimensional shadow, then all three dimension objects we see are but shadows of some incomprehensible four dimensional object.


Homework is mounting, my room is becoming increasingly dirty, and in less than a month I will be homeless. I find comfort in the fact that I know I am not alone in this situation, but everyday my comrades dwindle in numbers. The greatest tragedy of today was that after playing Earthbound for hours, the […]

the white stuff is following me

I am currently at work, but due to the fact that Anna Marie is out for lunch and it is SNOWING in BIRMINGHAM, I have decided to post on livejournal. I really need to pee, is anyone willing to help me with that? I wonder if I'll be getting stuck in any airports this weekend […]


https://myrthco.com/misc/thumbnails.php?album=19 hot pix from √Örhus. I shall develop my Bath/Stonehenge pictures tomorrow. I went to Stonehenge this weekend, and I feel nothing. I only walked around it for a few minutes because I left my coat at the hostel (it was sunny!). I think the Salsibury Plain would be a nice place to freeze to […]


Sueprieir hyupe caffeinetityed dcrazy! shaking too much to type you see… In only minutes I get on a bus to go to city centre to get on a train to go to london stansted airport (via rugby, london euston, liverpool street station, and tottenham hale…) then I wait several hours (between 12:30 and 5am) then […]