It's always an odd experience when you get everything together and you're filled with so much expectation of something happening and then *poof* all gone. That sounds like it could be bad, but it's a positive thing in this case. I do not have to leave Manor House at 10am like previously believed. I can just stick my key through the door whenever I go, so instead of a day at the Birmingham airport, I'll just hang out in my room until tonight. My backpack is lighter than I was expecting (my carry on bag is probably heavier… let us call the whole thing off and pack another bajillion page memoir!). I hope the kitchen is open tonight because I have pasta I can cook for dinner, which would be awesometastic.

I am really grateful that I have more bullshit time in Manor. This is sweet. Let's hope things don't shift out of my favor for tomorrow… I am really nervous about catching that train to Nice from Amsterdam. I have the hostel number if something goes wrong. I think I'll e-mail them saying I probably won't be there until 11 or 12. I should also look up alternative train routes to my destination. Yes, that would be good.

Why do I make so many pointless entries?

Wednesday night was a good night for me but a terribly bad night for my s.X.e. reputation. People still have a shocked look when they see me drinking, however. I wonder what kind of crazy high jinxs I'll get into this next month. I wonder what being alone for all that time and travel will be like. I really want someone to be there with me tomorrow when I am freaking out about catching the train. It's for the best; no one likes me when I'm acting like that anyway. My floor is dirty. A vacuum would be nice. Focus would be cool too. I kinda want to bring my laptop across Europe, but that is probably a terrible idea, so I think I will refrain.

Man, what am I going to do with all this free time? Relax? How obscene!

Someone told me Nice was expensive. Have I complained about that yet? I spent too much money in city centre yesterday running errands. The up side is I still have money left and I did not need to withdraw any. I also have enough euros to cover train reservations and hostel for a week I think. I wonder what I'll be eating tomorrow. I never thought about that before.

Hmm. I'm bringing tight pants. This is a good month to say goodbye to my T&A. I am sure that is information which you needed to know.

Country Kitchen, my last bastion of Brookings hope (apart from Perkins), has closed forever, my sources tell me. I have seriously had nightmares about that sort of thing. Perkins closes at 12:00. Where the hell am I going to get coffee at 2am? This summer is either going to have too much time spent in Wal-mart or driving to Sioux Falls. If all else fails, I am moving to Duluth to live under Jill's lease. That requires a job or summer classes. feh.

It's good I was drunk with two girls. I might have gotten stupid otherwise. The programme yearbook from last year has a “hall of fame” with cutest, best, most likely stuff. The cutest couple is two guys. With all the alcohol, you'd really think there would be more average college boy types. Of the 45 students this year, 11 are male. Three of those are Greg, Mike, and myself who barely count as male.

I should watch some movies. Or write some letters. Or repack 10 more times without reason.

This morning in the shower I decided the cliche goal of my month of travel alone was to find myself. We'll see how that goes.

I'll miss you. You should be hearing from me via livejournal in a few days or via letter/post card in a few weeks. Ta!

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