Dry your eyes mate…

Oh my God, before anything else, go HERE. Tomorrow I hope to buy a CD that I hope will ensure hatred of me for all eternity. Spoken word, pseudo hip hop, with an English accent is… something. Oh my The Streets are brilliant. I stand there for a minute starin' straight into the ground Lookin' […]

A losing battle called self

It is Friday night at 1:11am, and I am drinking tea and eating yoghurt + granola in a desperate attempt to stay awake. I have this great big idea that caffeine + late nights will = writing and productivity. All I feel is tired and syncopated. This yoghurt is a bit of a letdown… and […]

down and out in Paris and London

^^^that is the title of a pseudo memoir by George Orwell that resonated eerily with me… in Vienna and Interlaken. Paris and London have put me on the up on up. Here's why!! Things to do in Paris: -Get moist. Repeatedly. -See a certain new independent film by a certain director… i.e. Mysterious Skin by […]