I think I have a sunburn, but only a little one on my FACE. I literally walked everywhere today in Nice (beats spending 1.40 euro on busfare). In the morning I worked my way to a Matisse museum, Franciscan monestary, Roman ruins, and an archeological museum. Admission with my ISIC was free (score!). Then I walked down towards the Modern Art museum… which is closed Mondays. Curses! Tomorrow. I got lost in a flea market that reminded me of the arts festival in Brookings, sort of. France wins any day. I was really surprised to find myself at the freaking Beach already. After a few old lady nipples too many (my first run in with real life boobs I think), I realized the Europe coach tour I was on six years ago might have driven through Nice, which was odd. Eventually I got bored of walking around for a bajillion hours, so I made the ascent to hostel land. I wanted to see someone I knew but didn't. Hostels are weird because you run into the most random ass people sometimes.

For the first time ever, I am interacting with others. There's three Ozzies in my room and a girl from Connecticut who's studying in Ireland. She met some blonde haired Jessica on a bus in Ireland two weeks ago that apparently goes to UMD and majors in theatre… Jess?? Another Ozite and I chilled while making and eating dinner. It's just strange; traveling with other people really does cut you off from hostel social experiences sometimes. Blagh, I should get off the computer, free or not.

I loves your faces!

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