beep beep here comes the shitmobile

I took some interesting pictures between 4 and 5 am on the day we left. I was going crazy on tea around 4 am and captured photo documentation of my two “art projects,” but those files are elsewhere for now. Blurry + dusk = poetry. right? This one is about loss. Of shoes. A dark […]

wearing next to nothing

(whole shack shimmy) Packing has begun, and my second pair of old navy cords are dead. Did you ever make that pillow Steph? I tore the hole in this pair all the way to the seam a bit ago… and kept going. The trousers are absolutely destroyed now. I am going to give strips away […]

six days remain

For a few seconds in the shower this morning, everything made sense. All I’m left with now is the taste of pennies in my mouth. Having everything connect is a sure sign that things will be headed south to fucked up land soon enough. It took too long for me to realize I already knew […]


Someday I will learn that just because I’m bored and avoiding homework, refreshing deadjournal will not make new entries appear. I think that sentence has some structural issues. After typing 19 pages (plus 5 pages frontmatter + 10 pages of works cited/illustration), it becomes a major diappointment to not see a wavy red line under […]

spring break itinerary

March 25: Manor House? March 26: Amsterdam for about an hour (I hate you Amsterdam), then a 13 hour trainride to Nice, France March 27-30: Nice, France March 31-April 2: Florence, again April 3-5: Rome, again (maybe I'll see the Sistene Chapel this time) April 6-9: Vienna (it waits for me) April 10-13: Interlaken, Switzerland […]