MyrthCo opened its doors in 2000 and has been Topher* McCulloch’s home on the web ever since. The site has gone from focusing on Construction Paper Angst, a failed webcomic, to a personal portfolio site, to a mismanaged lifestream, to what it is now, a portal site to the many dark back alleys of Topher’s internet presence. It hosts a blog compilation of nearly every DeadJournal (RIP), LiveJournal (RIP), and Blogger (RIP) post Topher ever made, ensuring him a bright future of regret.

Topher was born and raised in Brookings, South Dakota. He attended college at the University of Minnesota Duluth. His sophomore year he studied abroad in Birmingham, England. Topher graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, double-majoring in graphic design and studio art.

He was the in-house designer for the Tweed Museum of Art from 2006–2008. He now lives in Chicago and makes something awful every day, sorta.

*Short for Christopher. Neat, huh?