splendid. I walked around this morning and bought long fancy French bread (une baguette merci… or something). It is a nice relaxing Easter, totaly free of crying jags and a father figure moving out. cough. It has been five years. I flew into Amsterdan Schiphol yesterday. The first time I was there was nine years ago. Now I go twice a year, fly into Schiphol… uhh unpack two shirts… Heidi… silver bayonett… sex. WHEATFIELDS!

That should make sense to a few of you.

Happy Easter!

(i didn't miss any trains! i thought i did but that's just because 14:53 and 16:53 were confusing me. i got on a train going in the wrong direction and knocked over a lady and her kid with my backpack. some cute little girl kept reaching out to me. in paris lyon train station an american family that has lived all over, they are now moving to frankfurt, started talking to a girl studying in paris from connecticut. guy used to have a nebraskan girl cut his hair when he was in singapore. waiting for the bus in nice, which too three tries, i ran into two presumably tennesseeansnsnns staying at the same hostel. one is studying in london. the other kept referring to himself as bertha i think. their names were johnathon and jeremy. some austrailians are staying in my room, i was talking to one of them and she said i didn't sound american, and i think she meant it. travel is really weird and i love it. au revoir!)

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