some of the best things in life are free

and in small packages! confusion is free and requires no package. i've never really figured out why i enjoy attempting to confuse people, it's just a quirk of mine. “xxdeathkillyouxx is playing naked tonight” “where's naked?” band names changed to protect the potentially nude random thoughts: +cut off his eyelashes, it's the source of all […]

my psyche is an escape artist

“you feel fat and i feel ugly, together we don't like anybody” -kind of like spitting it's really quite fitting these days (obligitory ha). which is the worse fantasy land? that of sleep or that of comfortable reality? which is the worse coping mechanism, constant escape or constant meanness. these truly are questions for the […]

oh get me away from here i'm dying

the skies cleared and all that remained was a dancing star, for you see… the chaos was within. oh trumpy, you do tragic things! (we don't stand a chance) the zine is not going so well. i should work on that tonight. lots of things aren't going well, but i'm alive and there are friends […]

not in love still think i'm doing fine

a few odds and ends i neglected previously… rufus wainwright seems to be quite amazing. i'm currently blasting the song “oh what a world” and it's grandfancy. men reading fashion magazines… love me rufus! while i was at perkins on tuesday i had an intense desire to call mel (, drink coffee, discuss our engagement, […]

shaking like coffee creamer

it's silly to begin at the beginning. it's so much more logical to begin at the present and skip backwards. tonight was filled with coffee and people from the past i didn't expect to see, much less share a table with at perkins. i sat next to the girl mostly responsible for my switch to […]

duluthians of the world, unite!

I'll be going to the Duluth orientation session for England (the cities are totally for suck weasles). Afterwords, all us cool cats should totally ditch our parents or whatever and run away to Perkins on London road and discuss philosophy, our summer, Sylvia Plath, and let's talk about our addiction to personal grooming. It'll be […]