the skies cleared and all that remained was a dancing star, for you see… the chaos was within. oh trumpy, you do tragic things!

(we don't stand a chance)

the zine is not going so well. i should work on that tonight. lots of things aren't going well, but i'm alive and there are friends afoot, so i should work on that. i finally broke down and started calling some people. well, donni and kelsey. neither were home. life is so damn hard. i could be so much more social, but i'm stuck in the groove of what's comfortable.

i think my main problem is that i'm just stuck. today i finally mailed off my visa application. perhaps if i start doing some artstuff i'll feel even better. my total lack of motivation leads to a total lack of will to live. it's quite tragicomic really. dramedy!

i'm just feeling out of sorts and looking for a way to fix that. perhaps i will find it tonight. chuck? hmm, nope.

tra lalalala the end

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