'twas a good weekend

it was, it was! saturday my mother and i headed to the chaska/shakopee area to take in another renaisaance festival. i used to really hate them, but now i'm a little less bitter. i was planning on dressing up (something i've never done), but i realized dressing out of spite for brandi was a bad […]

love of the loveless

needless to say, it was an amazing weekend. Needless to say, I am in love with those kids from Cambridge. Needless to say, the Dresden Dolls put on an amazing show. You need to download the songs available and you REALLY need to watch the video for girl anachronism. Needless to say, it's crazy enough […]

the attention only encourages her…

the past weekend, while hurricane charlie raged elsewhere, made me feel somewhat infinite. i drove in minneapolis (sorta) for the first time by myself, and there are those who both fear and respect a girl who can drive in the cities. i even parked illegaly all night outside of rainer's bitchin' studioish apartment. it has […]

a ponderous query

earlier this summer i came across a cpa creation i barely recall making. i remember being proud of the hair, but for the life of me i don't know who it is. it might be seth. if not, i've decided it's my imaginary boyfriend ricky. he's a hotty. who is it that had a mccrory […]

we used to be three and not two

so i'm sitting here in my rock and roll sleeveless t-shirt… (emma: “are you kerra?” *snicker*) i should probably change shirts. it's a bit odd. goodwill is the bearer of slutty girl shirts and leather pants. my sister (my sister!) is currently in the shower, emma and steph are in her bed together, and alex […]