and in small packages! confusion is free and requires no package. i've never really figured out why i enjoy attempting to confuse people, it's just a quirk of mine.

“xxdeathkillyouxx is playing naked tonight”
“where's naked?”

band names changed to protect the potentially nude

random thoughts:
+cut off his eyelashes, it's the source of all his power
+i don't want to wake up on my own anymore
+mandy is beautiful, mandi shall carry around a martini at USD
+tonya and a stranger named kai
++most importantly, the return of emma

phonecalls must be made and plans must be figured out. it's 1:16pm and the day should have started long ago

p.s. +elliot smith will always remind me of walking through the parks of duluth, chester creek in winter especially. this is a terribly good thing

my mission to you, do something you love. do it repeatedly. do it while listening to music you love. then, when you're away from that thing, you can always listen to the music and think of it. i've got a secret, and it's that the whole wide world is beautiful (this optimism will die later, i assure you)

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