it's silly to begin at the beginning. it's so much more logical to begin at the present and skip backwards. tonight was filled with coffee and people from the past i didn't expect to see, much less share a table with at perkins. i sat next to the girl mostly responsible for my switch to vegitarianism (freshman debate. she gave an excellent persuasive speech). there was also the would be professional wrestler/techie4life, college flunkie, and stealer of the baby jesus and converter-intoer-of-bong…er. to name a few. i also saw derick! my late last summer lover. i was wearing his v-belt tonight. i'm a born again virgin.

on wednesday i purchased a very large and very orange backpack for backpacking across europe. ginny and/or heather, feel free to crawl inside. you'd fit and i could carry you to prague. i also bought a used camera (i heart first photo). it's a canon from the 80s. it has a self timer (see: more naked topher pictures). i also bought some of those awesome “duluth is a cool city” and “i've been to duluth” t-shirts. today at goodwill steph was wearing the one i bought her. it lead to the employee complimenting me on a good purchase for my assumed girlfriend. rock.

tuesday was amazing. the drive to duluth is much better than the drive back. naturally president bush thought it was so cool i was going to duluth he decided to come too. it was odd driving into town and seeing men with guns atop the radisson, where my mom failed to secure reservations at a week before. so many people out and about and anti-bush. it was fun listening to radio accounts of non-republicans being removed from the rally. yada yada. then i found my way with my mother to the england orientation, like my love friend heather () i learned so much more that makes it all the more exciting. it was a pleasure to see ginny (. i've always thought of my friendship with her as being i say “ginny!” and see says “topher!” and that's exactly how it happened. it shall be a great year. it was a pleasure to meet her friend angela () *awkwardly waves back* she walked in with a complete works of oscar wilde and i knew she was totally rocking. i bought the same thing while i was in denver/wyoming. i saw in the ripsaw that there's a production of the cult of dorian gray in the cities. i should attempt to go to that. it's a modern retelling involving princess diana and a performance art piece i believe. it sounds great.

the question answer part of orientation with three kids that went last year was awesome. my goals are to work at starbucks, dress fashionably two (that's two) years ahead of back home, and to take weekend trips to prague. afterwards i had the pleasure of seeing darren, natalie, and anna. anna and natalie broke up but are still living together. they fight even more… it was odd. i also suck at interacting with darren. maybe someday i will learn social skills. speaking of which, i suck at life and was unable to go to perkins with heather like i'd wanted to. i shall make it up by stalking her next year. muahaha. i keep saying next year when i mean… two months. so damn weird.

i drove past matthew patrick keane's house and did not call him. drove past apartment of joe and those people, thought of maria () and how there needs to be an awesome boy to love her who does not suck. then, since i was confused and disorientated i turned into oncoming traffic on mesaba. i didn't die as it was around midnight. i realized i was making bad decisions and went to sit at perkins and write by myself. i was in the same booth i'd been at hours before with my mother and months before with my hot friend jet. she's so dreamy. i overheard the coolest conversations ever (“yellow submarine. very hippie. rainbows and flower power. lots of rainbows.”). i also saw another boy sitting alone and failed to woo him with my budding pyschic powers. maybe someday. at some point i went to bed and had a crazy dream about past loves. my dreams lately have just been wacko.

oh, i purchased a device at best buy that will allow me to bring my digital camera to england. gods be praised! or your mom. that's so high school.

two. years.

i decided that's a week ending to this journal. so… then i dressed up as christopher walken and flew around my room. not really,

heh. i should be shot… from a cannon.

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