“….and when he's in a good mood, he tells you how fabulous you are!” -steph (she's crazy, even if she can list 10 people that are allegedly crazier than her.)

so last weekend i went to aberdeen and it was fabulous. one of the best trips i've taken, even though all the trips i take there are quite good. i regret greatly never venturing that way last summer. it's been a year and a half since i've seen most everyone, but it was like just yesterday. a fancy yesterday. my writing abilities at this point in time blow hard! like free willy. free will. freewill. FREE WILLy. it's deep, think about it. steph is currently sitting in the corner “i can't think about it, i can't! it's so cool. it's SO cool. free will…y!”

she's so totally crazy. at least she doesn't point at nothing in storybook land wylie park zoo doom. alex does, though. hmm. yes. we kidnapped a jeremy, saw a tessa (with mushroom mushroom mushroom power), saw a man belonging to tessa, and then fled to storybook land. alex and i were virgins. there was a giant boombox and a jazz festival. we ate pizza today. christoph, random camper/brookings kid, appeared. he's… got some issues. then tra la la storybook laaaaand. les(w)lie was hiding outside the fence as we awaited the train. the train! train. spain! paaaaaaaaaain. it was neato burrito and then we all died. wait, that's later. hmm. alex spoke loudly of masturbation as small children were shooed away by their parents. uh… yes. it was good to see tessa. and the amazing graveyard/corporate tool that is storybook land. there was even a dedication ceremony involving people looking sad around a bench on the yellow brick road.

it's a strange place.

then at some point mandy mandy mandy yay MANDY my true love remains and starlite and girlhaus MADCHENHAUS amber lindsey amber amber lindssssssssey starlite express, starlite express! DRUNKIES AAAAAAH THE DRUNKIES it's a feminine napkin lack of coherent thought jerme CHiPs hanna becca joe lynn stole kara's voice and face and etc. kesslers things rooster death doom cheryl.

but that in that particular order. it's too warm in my room to capture deep thoughts.

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