a few odds and ends i neglected previously…

rufus wainwright seems to be quite amazing. i'm currently blasting the song “oh what a world” and it's grandfancy. men reading fashion magazines… love me rufus!

while i was at perkins on tuesday i had an intense desire to call mel (, drink coffee, discuss our engagement, and get to know her completely. sadly i did not know her phone number and i haven't seen wonka for far too long so i probably would have been a disappointment.

also, the internet creates crazy small world scenarios. my friend emma has been cyber-stalking (that is to say, reading their journal) someone who turns out to be a friend of a friend of mine. so people out there, those secret lives you're following might already be the friend of a friend of a friend. foafoaf! falaffel.

i give this entry an F+ for fantastic!

if you need me i'll be listening to this rocktastic rufus wainwright song on repeat.

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