rebirth, afterbirth, reverb

i'm a born again virgin. today i am wearing the v-belt. steph and i went on a date at guadalajaras but no one stood outside pawing at the windows, and i don't think anyone will get offended. later we went to the lodge and we were naturally charged as one. steph paid. we're so non-traditional. […]

"damn bitch, that's shitfuck"

-in the past week- i've been to… -denver -laramie -littleton -a renaisaance festival -six flags i've seen… -cirque du soleil “varekai” -goodbye lenin! -saved! -eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (again) -the stepford wives (again) -the chronicles of riddick i've read… -david sedaris naked -david sedaris me talk pretty one day -chuck pahalafniuk stranger than […]


it would seem i'm talked about more when i am gone. i shall collect everything into something when i've looked at far too many pornographic pictures, err, read livejournal. toodles.

le sigh

today is kinda stupid, well, that is to say i am. i did not set my alarm. i was about an hour late to work. work, where i've been for less than a week. i only woke up because my supervisor lady called me. on the plus side, i got the afternoon off as well […]