“you feel fat and i feel ugly, together we don't like anybody” -kind of like spitting

it's really quite fitting these days (obligitory ha). which is the worse fantasy land? that of sleep or that of comfortable reality? which is the worse coping mechanism, constant escape or constant meanness. these truly are questions for the (teen)ages! that play on words could use a little work.

if you've ever wondered–i've got an excellent grasp of capitalization. i just think i'm cool online when i pretend to be e.e. cummings.

it's been a good week. last weekend i went to aberdeen with steph and alex, the denizens of the underground. my basement. this summer is more like the summer i'd planned on having last summer. lots of random roadtrips to places. aberdeen was amazing. i heart the red rooster coffee house. i heart it a lot. it brings the mosh. well, not really, you know how much hardcore kids hate to move.

it totally beats out amazing grace, except on sundays. it's closed on sundays and amazing grace is not. i spent many sundays there pondering stuff and things. i hope to find a nice bohemian atmosphere in birmingham. there's only so much pubbing and clubbing i can handle. neat kids. neat kids all over this suckcore state. there are neat kids in this town as well, but distance makes people more exotic! storybook land in aberdeen is also a fanciful place. i got to see paul bunyan and his big blue ox, and i didn't even have to go to minnesota!!

i still need to see the giant hockey stick in evelllyyyyttthhh because then my life will be fulfilled (i guessed on the spelling there, can you tell?).

just last night i went to vermillion to see the ambassadors of excellence show. camp. i spent six summers of my life at that camp wandering the campus of USD. it's now been two years since i've left it. it's an odd feeling to see so many people you were once very close to, yet still feel awkward and left out. to quote a beattle [sic] in yellow submarine [sick] “it's all in the mind.” there was a closeness there once, but it's gone now. it is nice to maintain a pool of people i can see once a year and still have meaningful hugs.

alex and steph never went to camp, but they seemed to enjoy the show and groove on the crazy energy of the place. the best part of the was probably a stunning rendition of pinball wizard as well as the cellblock tango, punctuated by emma holding up punchlines. for example, in response to the woman who murdered her husband for popping his gum, “gum doesn't kill people. people kill people.” in response to crazy foreign lady, a giant ? was held up. in response to the husband's crazy accusations of “you've been bangin' the milkman!” a “got milk?” sign was held up. i heart emma. she is the sex!

following the show, we drove a half an hour out of our way to yankton to meet up with derick! at the pan. derick! and i had a week of vaguness last summer. it involved the outdoors and a v-belt. it was very nice. derick!'s friends are also exotic and neato in the land of yankton. most amazing was watching the triplets of belleville at the fryn' pan, their local 24 hour family restaurant of choice. i highly suggest watching movies in public places on computers. it's hardcore. i also highly reccomend derick! he's fabulous, you know.

it's been a good bit of time sprinkled with bla. it is my duty to not be broken!

if you're curious, browse here for some of my summer highlights.

FIN (for now)

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