saving for posterity

BUD says: christopher BUD -|- Im topher i always have lyrics from songs as my msn name says: im sorry friend but i must leave now, I must go to the dark room, fear thee not for i will return before the sun vanquishes the night! If i fail to return just remember my final […]

it's all too much

I came out to my father in an effort to achieve some sort of closure or something. All I got was an e-mail that was a slap in the face with it's own special brand of sincerity. Augh. I don't know when I'll talk to him again, if ever. I'm just fucking sick of it. […]

the prologue

I sent this first: — Hi, As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm not really great at this whole communication thing. It's also because I don't like confrontation, though I'm not sure what confrontation there would be. Maybe it's just that I feel like everytime I interact with you it's confrontation, which is probably mostly in […]

dirty pictures

We'll work backwards! I love pictures, they're such so……ly. imagicerly! That's exactly right. To begin! Here we see a lot of fags: (or, if you want to be picky, back L-R: half my head, whoreface, tony. front L-R: erin, jesse, sarah, mike, rachel) Rachel is one of my many girlfriends. She's a lesbian. Her […]

wicked little town

I awoke this morning to be reminded of my own vitality in the shower. Bright red drops falling to cover my arms, chest, and the walls. My attempts to stop it were futile, succeeding only in covering my hands in blood. As I grabbed at the shower curtain, I could only paint the walls with […]

these chest pains will be the death of me

I left for the conference feeling hungry ill and I returned from the conference feeling cold, hungry, and ill. Now, “what conference?” you may be asking yourself. Why, the MBLGTACC conference! I think it stands for something about gay BLT sandwiches. In retrospect, at least from where I stand now, nothing in my life seems […]

spoons over moons

this weekend there was a gathering of kindred spirits filled too full of ideas that are ahead of their time, causing them to swell up and burst like a rotten jelly donut. it is doubtful there has ever been such an event in the past and it is more unlikely yet that there shall ever […]

sledding through the past

A year ago + a few days = Aberdeen Golden Eagle debate tournament and the Columbia explosion. I've said so much crap on deadjournal about you Steph and I'm very sorry. I promise that I still love my boobed soulmates very much, especially you. February 12thish downloaded Oasis- Wonderwall March 12th… Andy. Sigh. Today I […]