A year ago + a few days = Aberdeen Golden Eagle debate tournament and the Columbia explosion. I’ve said so much crap on deadjournal about you Steph and I’m very sorry. I promise that I still love my boobed soulmates very much, especially you.

February 12thish downloaded Oasis- Wonderwall

March 12th… Andy. Sigh. Today I was thinking it was really odd that it’s not yet been a year since it even started. Haha, oh well.

I’m happy where I am right now. I was walking from photography on my way to natural disasters and I was hit by a wave of optimism. I was remembering lots of different happy emotions, but it was weird. In Waking Life they discuss how our memories are interpreted differently otherwise the memory of a predator would send us running, etc, but it seems like that line can be fudged. I blushed the other day thinking of something awkward I did a few months ago. Blushing is kinda a silly physical reaction.

But yes, waves of optimism, it was fun. I’d think a narrow hallway under construction wouldn’t inspire that emotion.

The dance on Saturday night was really fun, even though no one showed up. I learned how to dance like a gay boy (put your hands over your head and shake your butt. it helps to rub it into other people). I got a new girlfriend named Emily. She’s very pretty (in that androgynous sorta way) and I hope I see her again. I actually danced the entire time and had a lot of fun, but that’s probably because the only people there were my friends. I can’t claim to enjoy dancing quite yet.

This entry seems more poorly written than most, but eh, I’m writing it for Kara’s sake. Hi! Minnesota misses you! Stupid Florida.

Oh, and I’m currently attempting to get out of the Big Gay Midwestern Conference thing because Jet’s girlfriend is coming up that weekend and I’d like to meet her. We’ll see if it actually happens or not. The idea of a giant gay orgy conference kinda scares me anyway. Also, if I go, I’ll be unable to send myself a dozen roses and that would be unfortunate.

Oh, and I came out to my friend Bud, who is kinda the first person (besides random professors) I’ve come out to, since Mike/Maria/Rainer found out by stalker means. haha. He was really cool about it and he basically knew, he just didn’t know how to ask. He was joking around about some girl digging me and I confused him when I said I’d keep it in mind. Haha, fun. Bud’s a really great friend. He’s kinda like the friend I always wanted Jon to be. I like college. (wheat paste).

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