amazing grace

how sweet the coffee. i like my sunday schedule of going downtown and wandering around/ending up at coffee house and just chilling out for a few hours. it's a good time to do homework, write, and basically just relax. too bad everything is so expensive and i always go alone. oh well, that's half the […]

carve this into my chest

what if every cd you ever purchased required you to name the tracks yourself. would you have called it “smells like teen spirit” or would it have been like “bla bla garble mosquito.” look up at the night sky, and ask yourself that. you'll see how everything changes. last night i reread the part of […]

I know nothing…

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i love the internet

“The South Dakotans, while a simple people themselves, are friendly, hospitable, and far more in touch with the outside world,” Chirac said. “Many people, myself included, have passed through and seen the Badlands and Mount Rushmore. North Dakota, on the other hand, is a bleak, racially homogeneous state that few people ever enter or exit.” […]

"f my b"

Here we see the only known picture in existence of me and Sasmo. It was taken the first night I got here by my RA. To our right you'll see her inability to capture images on film. It's fun being a smart ass. It's even more fun to be in my room alone without the […]