We'll work backwards! I love pictures, they're such so… imagic..er…ly. imagicerly! That's exactly right.

To begin!

Here we see a lot of fags:

(or, if you want to be picky, back L-R: half my head, whoreface, tony. front L-R: erin, jesse, sarah, mike, rachel)

Rachel is one of my many girlfriends. She's a lesbian. Her ex girlfriend Emily is also my girlfriend. I'll have pictures of that later, perhaps.

So that was last weekend (I didn't take many pictures…). I might have a few others to add in later if people decide to share. Now we shall take a random look at the past.

Look at this, I mean seriously, just look at this. I have to be the stupidest person in the world to be gay when this is around. I mean… Maren has a great personality:

This was last fall and very fun. Maria grabbed her butt a lot. It's true! That's all she really spends her time on! Just graaaabbin' her butt. I don't understand.

He seems lost.

This is Anna (ahna). She's dating Natalie.

Look at them be in love!!

Look at this picture. Just look at it, look at me! It's photographs like this that make me wonder how I've been able to stay single so long. I guess I'm probabbly just too good for everyone.

I'd like to point out that this is THE GREATEST PICTURE EVER!!

gasp?! OMFG

Here we see Jet, her girlfriend Anna who I never met (they broke up on v-day) and Katie. Katie is… exuberant?

Now kiddies I've got some scary things to show you, and I hope you can handle it. I wasn't involved in many of the pictures above, nor am I really involved in the pictures below. I submit for your approval… DOOOOOOOOM MUTHA!


Just one look… that's all it took…

I wanna lick it.

I know some impressionable people…


Avant garde face doom sculpture whee.

I went to Hard Times in Minneapolis once when I was little…

Here we see an AMAZING PICTURE of the avant garde dinner party from two weeks ago. Mariaface is my hero. She captured auraoaoa boerealaoasiissi in her living room.

Oh, and just so you know, I miss this girl very much.

And that's the way the nazi cookie crumbles.

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