my life in pictures

The other night Kara made a documentary on how I can't smile and/or open my eyes. It was quite invigorating. And now… kara and BRIJIET!I!I!I! JET! WHEEEEEEEEEE! I heart Bridget. Jet. A lot. Heart heart heart. Kara's cool too. Those pics are actual hot lesbian action. Some of you may recall a picture that huzyrdadi […]

this is only the beginning

Well, since apparently everyone I know online is too cool for deadjournal, I've decided to come here. Also, it's like a super little secret place for me to talk about how much I hate all my friends in real life! Er, that's a lie, but I can now criticise them more freely without facing their […]

"everything will change"

I'm picturing two pleasant scenarios at the moment: The first is the feeling of waking up around 10am on a bright and sunny summer morning with nothing but possibility stretched out ahead of me. I go for an early bike ride and then come home to work on art for awhile and possibily read. At […]

using a friend as a stand-in

I've added reenacting the Postal Service song “Clark Gable” to my European to-do list. I'll need you Maren for some hardcore makeout scenes. It'll be an art film. So, let's see, the current list is something like this: +Ride in fast motion on bicycle with crazy sunlight and fast motion camera in Paris (see Amelie). […]

screaming into daylight

jebus fudging christmas. first i was awakened this morning by my sister. she left today, so she was saying goodbye. i vaguely remember that. the first minute or so after i've been startled awake is completely moot. my brain is on autopilot and once i actually wake up i have to figure everything out again. […]


It was quite nice to sojourn to Duluth, but I fear it might make this last week in SoDakia all the more painful. That is, unless I kidnap Emma. Something I often say I'll do and then fail, but hey, I figure if I can fit all the failure, awkwardness, weirdness, and crap into these […]