this weekend there was a gathering of kindred spirits filled too full of ideas that are ahead of their time, causing them to swell up and burst like a rotten jelly donut. it is doubtful there has ever been such an event in the past and it is more unlikely yet that there shall ever be such a thing in the… FUTARE! technically, there already was, considering how ahead of their time everyone was.

neo futuristic eating of the corn flats with processed dairy lit alternatively on off on off onoffonoff rapidly colors flashing light sky spinning death disco doom. stop. repeat. sickness. and i love you, yes i love you, oh how i fucking love you. ICP. ICP. ICP. cake. stop. repeat. 666 fuck you you fucking satan fuck. all the names and places i have taken from your life onoff onoff on off onoffonofff ICP. ICP. flash flash whir blur. sickness. stop repeat.

sardo commands, ralphus dances. xenia, ohio is a wasteland. huff glue for the future. thanks for killing my mom. ICP. ICP. my heart will go on. making next thursday looking like last sunday, we are the cursed, the doom, the nothing. we create to fill an unsinking void but perch on the edge only to push ourselves in periously.

i'll try to make this perfectly clear, i'm so reflective i disappear. leaving behind all the fucking fuckfucks to escape to a new future of 1976. ICP. ICP. yes I love you, oh how I love you. never reaching the end. never reaching the end. never reaching the end.


first the words, then the pictures

hot ashes sadness repressed 666 SEX SEX SEX fuck you you fucking satan fuck faggot cake die kekse I FOUND THESE torment mine mine mine geek linux i'm installing slackware snuff jet jet jet jet jet jet retention compression emo kompressor absence faith seek doom snuff queerdos heaven from hell gay recourse tension tango fanddango do you think you can tell? avant garde death disco not picture above you gotta see this to believe it be cool boy don't blow it arod loss arsenic new lace what will mom think i shaved so now i'm gross in a different way fire frosting chocolate stolen wench HAVE WE FOUND SAME OLD PHEARS you're probably wondering if there's a point there isn't doom doom doom if you see your mother this weekend lappy 666 white power topher's doom reverting back if you ever see me and your a cute punk girl come talk to me, I'M SHY.


(the idea was to kill chris and phase him out, to leave only ashes and topher. this resurgence of chris must be stopped. mugwump.)

this entry brought to you by acid jazz and nazis.

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