a love letter to you all…

(first off, renee, your entry ratio was way too high compareds to people I actually talk to… so, sorry that I had to remove you.) Oh, yeah, ignore my last journal entry! It was lame. Week #1 of my senior year is complete. I'm happy with my decision to drop AP Calculus. Math isn't my […]

Free Period.. High School

Currently I'm at home. It's 2nd period. What a lovely free period. My locker is empty, so now I'm printing loverly pics to fill it. This entry is choppy. I like the obvious. Obviously. Yeah, so I don't really have thoughts on senior year yet. Journalism was cool, and it won't be too bad. Nash […]

Another day in this dreary life of mine. Oh, how I dream of being like one of the characters in these books I read- an escape from mortality into a reality of eternal beauty and youth. To feed of the blood of those who only serve to stain this earth with their ugly presence. Playing […]

i don't even listen to prodigy…

after a very bizarre last evening last night in which i: 1. was convinced no one really likes me, 2. demanded from people that they tell me their thoughts on me, 3. smoked way too many cloves, and 4. realized no one thinks too hard about dead journal entries, Yeah, I'm afraid I haven't been […]


My sixth and final year in Vermillion has come to a close. 3 years of camperness, 3 years of ambassadorness. Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust. *weep* I'm going to miss it a lot. I already do. There was so much goodness there. Hmm, let us begin at the beginning. Day One: Donni, Emma, and […]