My sixth and final year in Vermillion has come to a close.

3 years of camperness, 3 years of ambassadorness.

Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust.


I'm going to miss it a lot. I already do. There was so much goodness there. Hmm, let us begin at the beginning.

Day One: Donni, Emma, and Pat, the safe friends. The people I knew. I knew a lot of people, but not very well. My roommate was Zach, the same roommate I had two years ago. I like Zach, he's really cool. The first day was great fun, got to take a pimp picture with Pat inbetween two guys, hehe. One of which was John Waterland. You'll hear more about him later. A conversation that occured that Day: Donni:”Look it's John Waterland, and he looks like a girl!” Emma:”Donni, that is a girl!” Hehe. It wasn't. I'll get pictures on the site later today probaly. Ha, still need to make a stupid comic. The first night was kinda hellish since we started singing and dancing right away. The dance was the most complicated one we'd ever learned. Turns out they made everyone learn the tryout dance. Curses!

Now for a catchphrase interlude:

As for a day by day thing… that probably won't work anymore. Memory isn't that good. hehe. Camp this year was a little bit more nazi than usual. The enforcers were the stupidheads who were once trouble makers. Free time was to a minimum and social contact was basically forbidden. Also, this year we were assigned classes via Ambassador Groups. The groups were a new thing, because I was in Ambassador Group 4 but ended up in Camp Team 11. My group rocked. It has Mandi, and Kendra, and Pat, and Mark Werner, and Bryce and other cool kids. At first Mandi's Mandiness and scariness and outgoingness scared the crap out of me. Over the course of camp, I learned to love her a lot. Mandi is a god.

Hmm. I took several classes. Mime: Heh.. mime.. we didn't learn too much, but the class was okay. It lead to the divine inspiration that Alex's life occupation could easily be that of a mime, if he could just shut up. 🙂 SNAP! PLACE! SNAP! PLACE! I also had Fencing. That was great. I fenced Pat and lost terrible. I had the right style, and Pat had brute force. He won. Learned some neat things in that class too. Comedy was a great class. Learned many tricks to annoy friends and family. I need to use them sometime. hehe. *shakes hands, walk away, snap!* Hehe.. it seems we are glued together!
Art class rocked. I drew the most awesome pony ever, and named it glue. I also drew some pretty single line drawings of different people. I've got lotsa happy wall material. Noah was the teacher. Noah is neat.
Hmm, there was a Dance class which consisted of an hour long nap, and a mockery of dance. hehe. There was Storytelling by Micah. I wrote out the bunny saga. And here's the strange thing, only two people knew what I was talking about, BUT EVERYONE LAUGHED! Even at the line “do you like weezer.” It was out of context and they laughed at the bunny saga! It was like a dream come true. Also, as an intro I came up with the best joke ever. “Knock Knock” “Who's there?” “Your Mom.” “Your mom who?” “No, just your mom.” Hilarity ensues!

Another class was Shakespear which was more drama and whose line is it anyway skits than shakespeare. Everyone wonders why Shakespeare became such a large part of camp. Maybe we'll never know. Anyway, Laura Nesson and Dave Cameron taught that. They are magical beings. We spent half the time working on a skit idea for drama night. Technically, every ambassador group was supposed to perform one, in the end, only the most awesome group four did. The title? “This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world, and while she looked so sad in photographs, i absolutely love her… THE MUSICAL!” It rocked. The dialogue consisted of lines like “We need a boat! We need a captain! It's a total bummer that the world drowned! Look, an island!” Hehe. The best worst musical ever.

Yeah, do Drama Night was probably one of the best things I've ever done at camp, but that was Tuesday, and more things happened before that.

Hmm, after classes we spent 4 hours or more a day singing and dancing. But I don't really remember it that much. Camp can be so tortorous, but you have so much fun there anyway. The nightly activities this year were kinda lame. “Ambassador Team Time! Whooo” Ha, but my group was cool. Icebreakers are my scourge. I ended up seeing Men in Black II for a second time. Blah. I fell asleep for a part of it. Oh well. One night I also saw a part of Shanghai Noon. Eeps. Donni likes that movie I think. “I don't know karate, but I know ka-razy” She also has a newfound obsession with the Crocodile Hunter Movie. Scary. Hmm.. That reminds me. I also took a Creative Writing Class. That teacher dude is scary. I wrote some cool angstish stuff about a person on a computer and a painting of a lamp lady. I should empty my backpack sometime. He also taught us the artform that is Cinquin.
11 word poem. Very random. This year at camp, Heath (satan) didn't do the choreography. His little minion Mike did. THe moves were awesome. At first I didn't like the songs but they grew on me like a parasite!
Ease on Down the Road, Heard it Through the Grapevine, Yakety Yak, Rhythm of the Night

Anyway, I wrote a cinquin about Mike.

the choreographer
funny little man
point toes or die

(For one move he told us to point our toes or he'd kill us. We laughed. Then he said “you're laughing now!”) He was a great guy. I heard some people talking one day. “Mike's pretty hot, but any guy that can sing and dance has a free ticket.” I thought to myself “A free ticket to where? Gayland?” It's an amusement part! Run by lesbians! They have to go in the back entrance.

I'm a terrible person. 🙂

Michael Jackson Dance Break!

oOOOKAY. Wow, this is a really long random entry. Go me!

Ambassador Night Live! Donnie, Emma, Pat, and I dubbed ourselves the “Velvet Oranges” and did a little performance. First we sang and danced to K is for Kompressor. The audience was split between “this is the most fucking cool thing I've ever seen” and “what the fuck is going on?” It got better though. I told the “ask me if i'm a tree” joke, and then we hit Kompressor (who's on vacation in aberdeen care of grammy tessa) against a piece of pizza and said “Take that John Waterland!” Then Emma told the legendary “Whee, Whee, Whee, Radio” Joke. Most hilarious thing ever! Then as our parting act, we did acapello rave music. “Boonta, Boonta, Boonta…” Then emma explained that we were “riding the bus…” it was great. Laura emceed ANL. In lie of original jokes, she told Mitch Headburg jokes. Which are partly funny only because of the way Mitch Headburg speaks. It's a contagious voice. As would later be evidenced…

Micah, on ANL: “The rejects of reject camp did this awesome thing…”

Thanks Micah!

Laura later made a call for a drama group to perform something. Donni, Emma, Pat, Leah, Carmen, Luke, Lizzy, and Myself ended up being the ones involved. What we performed was the coolest thing i've ever done at camp, and the coolest thing Laura has ever seen. She said so! Her friend/housemate Elliot Harmon is a poet of sorts. He wrote a piece called Spacetime Flexpass for some classes. It's a cool piece dealing with physics and relationships and time and space and stuff. Very cool stuff. And being able to read it and perform it in a minimalist sense was awesome. Our props were a few chairs and a chalkboard. Equations and settings were drawn out. It was awesome. Part of warmups for drama practice was telling Mitch Headburg jokes in a normal voice. This was due to the fact that we, especially emma, couldn't stop speaking in it. hehe.

Ooh, another fun thing I forgot. Scavenger Hunt! We got second place. it was the scavenger hunt of doom, as run by laura. it rocked. items included: a live junebug, a greenish crayon, a picture of your mom, a broken marble, a poem by elliot, and other things. for the broken marble emma said “i am a marble and I am broken” sadly, it didn't work. we still did good. We won a twelve pack of coke. I still have one of mine. I need to buy a Mitch Headburg CD or something. That man is hilarious.

Those are the major events. There's also so much I want to say about people, but no time to. Hmm, Emma and John Waterland fell in love, John lives in Sturgis, it's sad. Whitney and Mandi are my heroes. Cool cool ambassadors. I want Thomas Keppen's babies. He was the most awesome camper I've ever met. He's going to be a freshmen debater at Lincoln this year. Need to corrupt him! Need him! Me crazy obsessed! The show went awesome, I actually knew the songs and dances this year, not well, but better than usual.

Oh, and I did emcee bits! And i got to know James Brandt better. Very happy about that. We did a Mighty Vegetarian Ambassador skit where we sang the peanut butter jelly song. That rocked. We also did K is for Kompressor and for one bit Emma sang the Hamster Dance song while we all danced badly in a mockery of 1989's show. It started with James explaining different eras of dance and me demonstrating. Having me demonstrate any dance move is totally ridiculous.

It rocked!

Wow… I've been typing for a long long time. And I'll probably make another entry later.

I miss my camp!

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