thoughtful regurgitation

Wow. Some weekend. I'm writing this currently after I should be in bed. I'm going on three hours of sleep. Hmm.. Last week was homecoming week. I dressed up like a Ninja on toga day. School spirit is a funny thing. Now that I'm a senior, I have a tinge of it. Creepy. Life would […]

Ahh, to just escape it all.

I had some other entry typed up. it sucked. so will this one! Yeah, so lately I've thought it would be neat to be able to blink yourself out of existence. *poof* topher never was, never will be. it stems from my further inability to hold an erection on the high holy days. wait, no, […]

It's been too long

Been awhile since I've written. And sadly, I still don't have much to say. Well, here we are in the fourth week of my senior year. I can't believe it's gotten so far already. I've done homework about a total of once so far. Go me. And sadly enough, my grades are better than ever. […]

Heh.. by the books…

This isn't a real entry, just a spewing of stuff. First off, I don't normally post quiz things, so here's some! Romantic Find out what bishonen you are. I'm hot! Super Teen Extrodinaire Take the Cartoon Hero Quiz?. I rock (at posting the quiz results I like…) 😀 The Herculoid glob. Find out what secondary […]

Public Service Announcement

My emotions change too much to serve as a guide for others. If I am sad, it is no reason for you to be sad, or angry. Thank you. I get headaches. And I get nosebleeds. These are brought on my stress, uncomfortable enviroments, and other factors. For example, when in a small, sweltering dorm […]