Another day in this dreary life of mine. Oh, how I dream of being like one of the characters in these books I read- an escape from mortality into a reality of eternal beauty and youth. To feed of the blood of those who only serve to stain this earth with their ugly presence. Playing games just isn't enough! I want this more than anything! Then I could show those normals at school! I would be the only freshmen vampire, and they would fear me and invite me to all their parties! Yes!! Please, somebody rescue me from this hell of inferiority! I deserve better than to have to endure the stupidity of those who do not share my interests in music!! People should look at me when I go to concerts, and should want to speak to me, even when I am completely ignoring them! I will be more powerful than any creature found in any role-playing game!! Please… Come for me on dark wings…

Slings and arrows!
Slings and arrows!
Why must I be so persecuted for my differences?

wait for it…

Wheee! That was your reminder to read and enjoy Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, or any other fine works of Jhonen Vasquez or Roman Dirge. All the lines above (c) 1997 Jhonen Vasquez from JTHM #7. I had read it and owned it awhile ago, I thought, but then I lost it. Comic book store today! Loads of prettiness! Lenore #9, JTHM #7, ThE CaT wiTh A rEally BIG hEad and one other story that isn't as good, and Noogies: Lenore 1-4.

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