after a very bizarre last evening last night in which i:
1. tried to convince james brandt he really liked me,
2. demanded from elliot that i direct his next play,
3. smoked way too many cloves, and
4. finally started a quote book for these crazy people,

i woke up this morning in danielle's bed next to susie. we talked for a bit about nothing, about my weird dream wherein i very angrily yelled at ben nesson, and then took off for taco john's. the people there recognized me and knew what i was going to order. i'm not sure if i like that, but part of it could be that i was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. easy to recognize. they charged me nineteen cents for lettuce, but gave me no discount for the lack of onions. this doesn't seem fair. like ordering a hamburger without meat and paying full price. i should get a discount for the lettuce, too. takes up the space of expensive beans and cheese. they should pay me to eat it!

and i keep reading books way too fast. painfully fast. three in two days. on top of that, i read one by fran drescher, and was mad at her, like i knew i would be… but not mad enough. she complains about her cancer, which in her life was over with one surgery. seems like the people i know have way
harder stuff to deal with.

finishing one more book tonight, so i'm off. should clean my room tonight, but it's not going to happen. not like you care if my room's clean, i guess. why am i writing this?

time to stop. find me online sometime and give me a digital kiss on the forehead. they're like little blessings.

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