head rush!

After taking the day off from thinking, and taking the night off from friends, I think I've finally managed to get a grasp on reality again. Some things have been bothering me lately, but I'm never exactly sure what. School anxiety, being trapped in Brookings, and a hateful magic eight ball have all been contributing […]

a walk to remember…

Heh, I wanted to post this earlier, but Dead Journal is online and offline at random. Wednesday night Maren and I decided to take a walk around town. We ended up walking to Perkins and staying there for a little, and then left and walked more. It was great. We walked for over 2.5 hours. […]

brain spasms!

! Just remembered another dream! It was a lot like most nights, though. It was Clint, Kelsey, Maren, and I just walking around downtown. We passed some house and you could see the reflections of water and light and we walked over. There was a very poorly maintained pool behind what looked like a drug […]

happy isn't the right word…

I'm just in a dumb stupor of happy. Last night was so incredibly good and great and grand… Wow… It's the highpoint of summer so far. There is a world, beyond that of reality and imagination, a world of ABERDEEEN! It was so cool to be at Tessa's house, go to a late night Truck […]

renee made me do it!

I remember hating when people came to me for advice. People bitching about things I cannot change piss me off even more. (I LOVE YA BUH BYE!) Tonight was the first night I was not with friends (minus camp and omaha) all summer that I was alone. It was nice. Watched way too much Undressed […]


I really don't like waking up after 12:30. Especially when I wake up at around 2. Hmm. The Fourth of July went pretty well. Lunch at Becky's, then the stupid parade, and then we saw Men In Black 2. Thus ended my day with my mother. Around 9 people started to show up. Alex, Clint, […]

let time wash over you…

Wow. Everything seems peaceful now. Last night was goodbad. Some of it was fun, but people made it awkward. This situation spurred a meeting of the minds though. I finally told Maren my story and she told me hers. Now we're like super best friends, teehee! Wait, we were pretty much before. Maren's like my […]