the past weekend, while hurricane charlie raged elsewhere, made me feel somewhat infinite. i drove in minneapolis (sorta) for the first time by myself, and there are those who both fear and respect a girl who can drive in the cities. i even parked illegaly all night outside of R.’s bitchin’ studioish apartment. it has high ceilings and a shelf for a bed and people and such. it’s like his very own indoor balcony. i’m quite jealous. while circling the block for the fifteenth time in an attempt to find a parking spot, there was a group of people and a familiar looking raver. i think my mind was just playing tricks on me. as a side note, minneapolis is smaller than i thought. that is to say, things downtown are a lot closer than they’d seem. i was all like, “hey, there’s the bus depot! there’s first avenue! there’s the saloon. there’s eternal damnation! hey looky, a gameworks! THE scott kurtz was once teh there!!111one”

i drove four hours and still made it to far before everyone else. have i mentioned i’m hardcore (have i mentioned i’m narcissistic?)? that way there was plenty of time for and i to suck face. just kidding. “it was only a blowjob.” still kidding, and quoting enya’s “bf”. now that’s a spicy meatball.

anyway, later, people. bla. yay maria and michael and and and sean and josh and so on and so forth. mustn’t forget eric. for the sleepover portion of the event there were many laptops and computers and such. the question “you’re not a gamer, are you?” in response to the fact that i read penny arcade. it’s always odd when webcomics enter real life via people you don’t expect.

we, being mike, maria and I (sean and josh ran away for a long time) scared off eric the bofo. he thought we wuz weird. i guess i was quoting song lyrics in a stupor as mike made sure to bite rainer repeatedly. left quite a mark. i’m sure someone has rabies now.

weirding out the weird is weirdly satisfying. kazaa! i mean huzzah!

at some point there was sex with maria, sleeping (in mike’s stolen blankey nonetheless!), and frankenhooker. again. why have i seen frankenhooker multple times?! oh well. the guy in frankenhooker looks a lot like my friend derick! only with a bad jersey accent.

and then… then. wow. then. then i was standing in a line in front of first avenue, or “first ave” as the cool kids call it. it was my first time there and first time headed to a “real” concert. i need to stop making that distinction, as i think someday i will be let down. i saw flogging molly for free in omaha (courtesy creighton) and it seemed like a larger than average show with more people standing around (i + friends made asses of ourselves dancing in the balcony. twas awesome). this time… i think i got sidetracked. i wasn’t even going to the mainroom. i was going to 7th street entry! uhh.. i should delete all of this, but i won’t. i’ll just make it all into one sentence now, to kill the suspense.

i saw the dresden dolls at the 7th st. entry in minneapolis. they were the rock. the devotchkas(sp?) opened. they also were the rock. they brought the dance but not the mosh. dolls brough the pure awe + the headbang. neutral milk hotel “two headed boy” over the speaker system brought groans. neutral milk hotel “in the aeroplane over the sea” brought “awwwws” and the mad drunken dancing. only we were sober. we were the annoying sober kids. ++3>++

~anyway~~ l0lz3rz

DOLLS. AWESOME. go to their website. find their music. listen now or die. the video for girl anachronism on the site is freaking beautiful, but only half as beautiful as seeing amanda and brian (that’s right, we’re on a first name person) rocking out in person. mtv calls it punk cabaret. i call it pretty. their facial expressions alone are just as amazing as the music. seeing her pound away at the keyboard and seeing him in pretty mime makeup + bowler hat on the drums… i’m in rock love. there’s an amazing sense of timing, not to mention their fantabulous chemistry. and such. i think i have stomache cancer. i feel rather stupid trying to explain, but it was just really nice.

following the show, tunes from the muppet show were played. menamanah. doot doo da doo doo. menemanah!! doot dooooooo

it was a 5pm show. discord was playing in the main room. there was one line. it was quite easy to seperate the metal kids from those going to see the dresden dolls. twas a fun game to play.

on the drive home there was a lot of rain and lightning. i responded to it by screaming out cake lyrics. i also listened to the modest mouse song “so much beauty in dirt” several times as i raced around curves in rural minnesota. at one point what appeared to be a stuffed dog/fox ran across the road. i barely avoided hitting it.

upon driving into town, belle and sebastian’s “get me away from here i’m dying” played. that song often happens to manifest upon return to brookings…

in less than a month i will be in birmingham.
it’s just the way the operation made me (accidentally on purpose)

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