so i'm sitting here in my rock and roll sleeveless t-shirt… (emma: “are you kerra?” *snicker*) i should probably change shirts. it's a bit odd. goodwill is the bearer of slutty girl shirts and leather pants. my sister (my sister!) is currently in the shower, emma and steph are in her bed together, and alex is reading entertainment weekly on my bed. it's 3:45pm. summer is messed up.

brandi was here two weeks ago, but decided it was time to make another visit. she's decided it's really fun to show up without calling so she surprises us and make it so my mom has no days off for us to do stuff. alas! night is when we do everything anyway.

sunday evening i went to another show at my old church in brookings. it was just as odd and just as bad, mostly. before the only band i liked had people i knew in it. same thing this time. though, i think the undergrads were just plain good entertainment regardless of me going to school with the members. the drummer's pretty hair, the trombonist's hot david reeselike moves, and nate lampsen's rockin' frontman powers didn't hurt. oh yeah, matt turner and tom harwood are rockstar sexgods as well. makeshift empire and that other random band… there's only so many AFI stickers and shirts i can handle before people start dying. yesterday also included bowling (i still suck) and perkins (i still love it). perkins included all the undergrads, jack mcfarland, my best friend 5-6th grade, and watertonians. not to mention red jackie (wear a dress) and kelsey and the reason i'm a vegetarian. people everywhere! this town is psychotic.

hmm. then i went to bed and everyone else had excitment? i'm not quite sure. at some point in the night i got everyone's autograph so now i am going to make lots of money on ebay because i can.

i have no ability as a writer any longer, but if you need someone to sweep your parking lot–i'm your man.

i've felt rather cynical lately. i don't really believe much of what anyone says. it's not like anyone has motivation to lie, but i've got my doubts. bang bang

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