i want love

so i just read the lean mean fighting zine, and i’ve decided the problem with our/my/hell’s zine is that i’m thinking i’m going to try too hard so i don’t even start. like the more difficult i expect something to be, the less chance i have of actually doing it… if that makes sense.

there’s currently a very bloody “BASHGANZA” staring at me, and i like it!

i finished my own nowhere t-shirt. i’ll probably make a duplicate, one for steph, and… any requests? you provide the t-shirt i provide the magic. i plan on making a CFSR design and my sister has requested a monkey vs. robot.

someday i will finish that damn memories CD. probably not before alex leaves, but that is what mail is for. agh. the video has been done for nearly two months. i fail so damn often.

i hate how i wake up from naps with a headache. it makes the nap entirely pointless. (“he himself was broken, long before the sky was open”) do any of you listen to leonard cohen/read his poetry/drink in his existence? he’s extremely mellow and amazing. dinnermike let me burn a cd of his last fall, and i am still in love. speaking of dinnermike… I’M GOING TO THE CITIES THIS WEEKEND! I GET TO SEE R.! MARIA! MIKE! DRESDEN DOLLS AT FIRST AVE! i’ve never been to this first avenue place. prince better damn well be battling morris day and the time outside. i’m a little freaked out because i will be driving there by myself. driving in the cities alone… eek. alas, i have driven a lot this summer, so i can manage. the payoff is like tolly rocking. wizzoo.

i need to check into the pictures kids took in aberdeen. i’ve heard promises of jeremy eating butter. i’m terribly excited.

and that’s a random collection of my thoughts, seperated for your pleasure by line breaks and carriage returns!

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