friends, romans, s.X.e'ers!@!!!11

i am writing this entry in liew of sleep to inform you i am TIPSY! wtf mate?!!! one strongboe + one smirfnoifff ice =a fun busride home alone and random tittetring and tottering up the path to my room in mansion land. why do people drink? because it's a way to have fun without […]

this fag's true blue

last night I experienced a teenage rite of passage on my balcony; I took up smoking. I kinda just wanted to fit in with my peer group better. I'm planning on starting to roll my own soon while listening to Nick Cave and Interpol. In other news, Mike and Bethany are currently in London, dying […]

"you're a cigarette"

in an attempt to emulate my friend maren, I took up smoking tonight, as did greg and ginny. it will help me deal with abandonment issues when mike and bethany get killed in london this weekend. teehee, death I probably would have hated myself a year or two ago. It's all about the smooth flavor.

love o' the loveless

so, once upon a time i decided to leave the country. then stuff happened. then i wrote in a boring fashion about stuff. fin. Left for the Minneapolis airport from Brookings last Tuesday at far too early of an hour after far too little sleep. I can never sleep the night before a big journey. […]

oya, loves!

no internet yet. it's been days. i'm going bonkers. not really. there has yet to be a moment that hasn't been fantastic. i went canoeing on the lake beatrix potter (peter rabbit) and john ruskin lived on this morning. as i was staring at the hills and the trees all around me, i realized how […]

who would practice self-destruction?

Oya! Packing is gettin' on me pip. I feel I've not been properly warned about the Brummie and Black Country accents… Ar bin blartin n' arf soaked. Baygoona stuff arse cream in me cake hole. (i've become paranoid about overpacking. i have two medium sized suitcases full, are other people taking two suitcases? are […]