it was, it was!

saturday my mother and i headed to the chaska/shakopee area to take in another renaisaance festival. i used to really hate them, but now i’m a little less bitter. i was planning on dressing up (something i’ve never done), but i realized dressing out of spite for brandi was a bad idea… well, not spite, but i usually just do things if i think they’re funny. that’s why i’m an asshole, personally.

anywhoo, some blessed moments from renfest
+the elusive and beautiful black haired boy
+goth kids in general
+punk kid, younger, with mohawk and sex pistols shirt yielding a giant fake axe being trailed by a group of kids in cloaks
+every last person in costume and tennis shoes
+it’s a good thing anachronisms don’t make my head hurt, or i’d be fucking screwed
+a strange belly dancer lady who looked a lot like my former rhetoric of pop culture professor… i need ot e-mail her
+a girl who cleans the photo lab at school. took me a while to figure out who it was
+gaywatching (lesbians love renfaires)

i also came upon a certain conundrum. there’s a common couple seen about malls, shows, book stores, drainage ditches, etc… this is the goth girl + geeky boyfriend. i’m talking about the type where the guy may be in a black t-shirt, but usually no piercings and stuff. i never find these guys attractive, but the goth girls almost always seem good looking. so, the question i pose to you: are these girls (objectively) attractive, but are they dating these guys because of low self esteem? maybe it’s love, but who believes that shit anymore?
-or- are the girls themselves not that attractive, and i’m actually just straight and attracted to goth girls?


following the renfest, me mum and i headed to the big city in search of an independent movie theatre. the lagoon theatre turned out to be in uptown, directly across from cheapo. i realized i’d been there before. on that note, i led my mother to a wonderful thai restaurant (i think i scared her with my knowledge of the place). we also went to cheapo where i had the good fortune of finding the nowhere soundtrack. it’s gorgeous… well, the music is debatable, but the inserts! haha. it was a lot like reenacting a date with bryan, only i didn’t find r. and my mom’s not a raver. really too bad about that last part. following our adventures, we went to garden state (the purpose of the jaunt to the city). WOW. one of the best movies i have seen in a long time. it’s life changing.

needless to say, it’s an awesometastic film. i suggest finding a way to see it.

on sunday steph, X (alex johnson for those not in the know), and i headed to sioux falls under the pretense of getting clothes for X. that didn’t happen, but i did get a fantastic suit at savers as well as a copy of… THE DOOM GENERATION at last stop cd shop. it was a happy day. we also ran into nick, everyone’s favorite country kitchen employee, while at barnes and noble. on friday night when steph and i went in (as per post-work ritual), he said he hadn’t seen “the other girl” and “the mohawk”. i heart this town.

in sioux falls there was also a lovely awkward experience at starbucks. that’s right, i said the S word. i know some of you might think starbucks is so three year old, but damn bitch that’s shitfuck antidisestablishmentarianism (holy crap i spelled that right).

i wholeheartedly oppose the belief that there should no longer be an official Church of England! that is to say… god save the Queen.

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