The other night Kara made a documentary on how I can't smile and/or open my eyes. It was quite invigorating.

I heart Bridget. Jet. A lot. Heart heart heart. Kara's cool too.

Those pics are actual hot lesbian action. Some of you may recall a picture that huzyrdadi took of Maren and Steph dubbed hot lesbian action. That was all lies!

Jet is so cool. I went on a hot date with her tonight to see a staged version of Kafka's Metamorphosis. It was pretty lame. It started with a bad voice over that mangled my favorite line of the book “GREGOR SAMSA AWOKE ONE MORNING FROM UNEASY DREAMS TURNING INTO A GIANT COCKROACH! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!” Yeah. The family was all classical 19th century like, and then they got a hippie maid. Then they had two lodgers. One was a punk kid with a mohawk and the other was a geek with glasses, alfalfa hair, and grey chucks. What. The. Fuck.

Gregor was played by a cute guy, but seeing him in tan long underwear groping around on the floor and crying about how his family hated him was kinda lame. Eventually he got into a wheelchair that had a bugshell on it… Uhhm? Oh, and he freaking hated his sister and his father flipped out on him twice. The first time was a newspaper, and the second time HE TOOK A FUCKING CROWBAR TO GREGOR'S BACK. It was terrifying. Does anyone remember 'Lenny' going batshit crazy on Christian Hurley in English sophomore year? It was kinda like that.

Oh, and the worst part of all, THERE WAS NO APPLE! I mean.. seriously.

Oh well, at least it was a hot date. Too bad Jet has a girlfriend. And Nazis.

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