If my dreams are going to be weird/scary/ultra realistic, I'd rather not have them. It's been too long since I've had something that could be defined as a “good dream.” Now they're either neutral, unsettling, or just plain creepy. Though, now that I think about it, I can't say I've had that many dreams that take place in some fantasy world with strange and unknown features. All my dreams are somewhat grounded in reality. Perhaps they're making up for my waking dreams. Hehe.

Yesterday was kind of an odd day. Slept in until the ripe old hour of 9:30am and then proceeded to drift about my room for the early afternoon. Around 3:08 I called a cab to go hang out with Matt. The dispatcher sounded drunk and didn't say when the taxi would be there, so I figured 10-15 minutes sounded about right. It took a half an hour. Then we played double dash for awhile, which was cool, especially since I didn't suck 100%. More like 82%, but trust me, it was awesome.

Around 6 I called Natalie because it was time to do our pagan love rituals. I figured 10 minutes would be about how long it would take her to come and get me. It took 40 minutes, more than half of which I spent waiting outside. Yes, social anxiety makes me stand out in temperatures of -20 or so with windchill, rather than waiting in a house because that'd be “awkward.” I never cease to amaze myself. I did eventually go back inside the house, but Natalie showed up shortly thereafter.

I thought my toes were going to fall off for the next hour. They hurt quite a bit, and I hope I never get frostbite. For those of you wondering, a grocery store really isn't the best place to stock up on spell materials. Wal-Mart probably caters better to the needs of pagan ritualists. We needed a blue, pink, and gold candle. I purchased scented bluish and pinkish candles and a pack of gold birthday candles. We needed a horseshoe, so we cut one from paper. In order to fulfill the requirement of two roses, we cut pictures of flowers from a greeting card. After we lit these and I made the flames rise with my passion, drawing my lover near to me, I recited the verse. Part of it was something to the effect of “from my heart you will never part.” It was really silly. Natalie and I were laughing the whole time and eating ceremonial cookies.

The doritos were implied.

After all was said and done, I blew out the candles in an attempt to set the apartment on fire. The birthday candle flew right onto Natalie… heh. Then I wrapped the “horseshoe,” the “roses,” and the key (my dorm room key) into a “silk scarf that I have worn.” It's blue and cotton. Very nice. The other option was an item of clothing of my love. Sadly, I was unable to produce that. Another spell required hair from your love. We both decided that was way too creepy.

Beware when casting love spells, for love will coalesce outside the door.

Afterwards we headed off to Kara for our farewell ceremony. We played cranium, which really is an amazing game. FUCK MONKEY EYE NIXON and all, you know. I was on a team with Natalie and Darren. Naturally, we won. Muahahah. (For the visual learners, I direct you to this picture again. It's Darren, Kara, and Natalie.)

Oh, and Jet came to play too. Jetjetjetjetjetjetjetjetjetjetjetjetjet. I heart her a lot. She brings the mosh. I've been compared to a male her, which is why I'm going as her to the Party in the Pound/Drag Dance thingy tonight. It's easy to dress in drag with all the girls that dress in boy clothes. Muahaha. Here's a preview!

I'm wearing a stylish English type blue cap, a long sleeved maroon shirt with a yellow button up shirt over it. I'm also wearing some hot brown buttpants. I'm so saucy. I was going to dress up like Maren, but I've already done that a few times, and I only have one item of clothing that sorta looks like hers. Oh, I'll also be wearing my blue chucks, because Jet owns like 20 different colors. She's crazy.

It really sucks that Kara is gone now because I was just getting to know her. I have a lot of cool new friends thanks to her, but agh… She's gone. To Florida. With her parents that she hates! It was really sad last night when we were all going around saying what we loved most about Kara, and then she said what she loved about us. I'm sweet. Heh. Damn you Kara!

I am still listening to the Postal Service. Maria informed me that it's unhealthy, but bah! I'm listening to it until something changes. And nazis.

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