I've added reenacting the Postal Service song “Clark Gable” to my European to-do list. I'll need you Maren for some hardcore makeout scenes. It'll be an art film.

So, let's see, the current list is something like this:
+Ride in fast motion on bicycle with crazy sunlight and fast motion camera in Paris (see Amelie).
-Actually, reenact all of Amelie if possible.
+Try and get several thousand Marks to my boyfriend on the other end of… Berlin? in only… 30 minutes? If I die, it's okay because love will bring us back. Like in Groundhog day!
+Ride a moped very close to the edge of cliffs in England. This can only be done after taking lots of drugs. And developing schizophrenia. Seeing that a cool Mod dude is actually a wanker/tool helps as well.
+Be inspired for artfilm while waiting for crosstown train on the London Underground.
+Collect a group of myself and three people to cross Abbey Road. Hopefully in funny hats and anything else that can be done to maximize pissed offness of Emma.

I leave September 15th, so I should use those last few weeks of post-summer to stalk people or something.

That's the future, but now the present! I'm back at UMD and it is incredibly amazing how quickly you forget you were gone at all. For me it was something like an hour, then again, my memory is smudgy.

Since I'm stupid I never ordered my text books online. That's not a huge problem, I just have to fight crowds in the bookstore instead. However, what makes me really stupid is that I'm taking a photo class and it never occured to me I'D NEED A FREAKING CAMERA. So, I either need to buy one (so much for not spending a lot of money this semester) or rent one from some store doom. I could also murder someone and take their camera, but what fun is that?

I have no supplies. I should find some folders to store syllabii (i think i made that up) and shit. Heh, I enjoy living life on the cuff… of.. my pants.

There are two new people on my floor. Naturally, one is named Christopher. He was wearing one of those plain white shirts with black sleeves. He looks like me (very very slightly), so I guess I'll have to kill him. I've decided to call the other one Rodney, because there aren't enough of them in the world.

I hate telephones when I'm the one who's supposed to call. It's so much easier to just wait for a call and then choose if I feel like answering. Heh heh. Oh, what a life it is in the dorms. I need to go to bed in the next hour because I have an 8am class. We'll see how that works out. It should be a good semester, screwy start or not.

I'm highly excited for everything. Also, I hope blocks of free time encourage art doom, especially of the avant gard sort. I should set aside blocks for Last Supper masterpiece. Muahahah! As far as paint by numbers go, it's downhill from here. All thats' left is large amounts of tiny tiny detail work. Stupid thing.

I've been doing a lot of minor tweaking with the site which makes me hunger for more, but my ambition exceeds my inspiration. And that ambition is only temporary as it soon reverts back to malaise. That's a project to work on for this semester.

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