jebus fudging christmas.

first i was awakened this morning by my sister. she left today, so she was saying goodbye. i vaguely remember that. the first minute or so after i've been startled awake is completely moot. my brain is on autopilot and once i actually wake up i have to figure everything out again.

a few hours later i'm awoken from a dream (who knows what?). well, not so much awoken as jolted violently back into reality. my mom is shaking me and i spasm and convulse and turn over. my mom is asking if i'm okay and i have no idea what's going on. apparently she'd been calling me for the past half an hour and i never answered. she was afraid i was hurt, passed out, or dead.

i have a doctor's appointment at 10:10 to see about my dizzy spells and stuff. i guess someone cares now. it was 9 o'clock. how the hell will i ever wake up for an 8am class?

jesus, i never used to be a heavy sleeper.

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