Recently I've murdered two people, then I woke up to discuss this with Brandi, wondering if I should feel bad for having a dream about murdering. The problem was, I couldn't really remember if it was a dream or not.

I glanced across a crowded classroom to see someone I know wearing Freddy Kruger's sweater.

I've taken out the dogs with Liz Engle at an Ice Rink when Tucker & co. show up dressed for a hockey match. Fearing my inability to skate, I left.

I take a bus to a shopping mall wearing no shoes or socks. After walking around for a while I call my mom to be picked up, but she turns out to be behind me getting her hair done. When I go to talk to her, I see Tessa and run up and hug her. I talk with Tessa for a long time in the front part of the salon thingy, completely ignoring my mother. At some point in the mall I see Mark Werner and Steph Chase. I ask them how debate went, as a second ghost image of Steph darts around.

You can do this with your mind.

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