Watch Topher screw up college. Screw up, Topher! Screw up! Heh… not going to freshman activities and not attempting to make friends on my floor or in general and currently my room door is closed. Feh. I'll get around to college friends… Tuesday.


–Darlene roared up her head and slowly trotted through the pasture of dreams, it's multi-faceted colors tickling her as she waded through the grassy cacaphony. The gesticulating flowers and amber rays of Tuesday peeled back as she made her way out of the pasture and up the hill of night. –It was then that her […]


I feel rather ill. All of my stuff is packed and more or less in the living room. I could put it in the van, but… it's too much. I leave tomorrow and I won't be coming back till November probably. Ack! There's so much to be stressed about, luckily I'm in a sort of […]

a thought…

I haven't been able to associate myself with the person in the mirror for a very long time. Since possibly before middle school even. I look into the mirror and see someone that's more a stranger than they should be. It's not an old friend, it's not what I picture in my head, and it's […]

sandals make for stinky feet.

as someone who is kinda a neat freak… it disturbs me to no end to be over-powered by the smell of my own feet. ick. DERICK! He's like super-me or something. You know, topher + talent. And his name has a freaking exclamation point. An exclamation point. And he was in a chorus line. And […]

sometimes I love the internet…

to paraphrase… topher: it's 2:13 am, throw care to the wind! coolnetperson: what? topher: i dunno, just throw! coolnetperson: *throws a random midget* topher: YOU SAID THE MAGIC WORD! topher: *runs around screaming* coolnetperson: EEP topher: *throws pee wee herman at you* coolnetperson: AHH!!!! coolnetperson: get him off! coolnetperson: NO!!! DONT coolnetperson: AHHHH

i want to be where yaks can roam free…

Erm.. this was a lot funny when it actually happened, I must say. Four teenagers (three girls and one boy) are sitting near the back of a somewhat grimy 24-hour family restaurant. The table is covered in dirty silverware, some of which is placed in water glasses filled with varying degrees of water, creamer, and […]

guess who…

Now, I must warn you, everytime I spend time making one of these and no one knows who it is… a little piece of me dies. You don't want to kill tiny little pieces of me, DO YOU?! (Hint.. they're not a new character. I spent too much time making their new face look like […]


She was in the back of the vehicle. And then she wasn't. I blame kidnappers. Or parking lots. Or the devil. And to think, I just got her back from the evil bikergang of yore! *cries a lot and stuff*