Erm.. this was a lot funny when it actually happened, I must say.

Four teenagers (three girls and one boy) are sitting near the back of a somewhat grimy 24-hour family restaurant. The table is covered in dirty silverware, some of which is placed in water glasses filled with varying degrees of water, creamer, and coffee. For the duration of the scene only STEPHANIE speaks, the other three at the table only laugh. The SOUTH AFRICAN GUY speaks with a heavy accent that is further slurred due to the fact that he is incredibly drunk. SOUTH AFRICAN GUY is also very caucasian.

SOUTH AFRICAN GUY approaches the table of laughing teens.

SOUTH AFRICAN GUY: [in a thick, slurred, and drunken accent. maybe syllables and beginnings and ends of words also tend to be dropped. he is wasted.] Do you guys want to party?
SAG: Do you want to come party with me and my friends?
STEPH: You're just inviting strangers to party? We could be serial killers.
SAG: What? I could be…
STEPH: We could kill you! What if we're rapists! You don't even know us?
SAG: Do you want to party?
STEPH: Where are you from?
SAG: I am from South Africa
STEPH: What the hell are you doing in South Dakota?
SAG: The guy I work with's mom lives here. Don't ask me where I am, I don't know, I work in North Dakota-
STEPH: You didn't say anything about North Dakota!
SAG: No, the party's at a… I don't know, I'm not from here.
STEPH: The party's in North Dakota?
SAG: No, no! Over there. [points]
STEPH: [(incredulous] At the bank?
SAG: No, I don't know what you call… damnedest thing.. rows of houses, you must call it campground.
STEPH: Well, where is it? We'll just go there.
SAG: I don't know. You follow us.
STEPH: To North Dakota?!

Highly amused, the teens decide to pay for their meals and follow the scary drunk man. He leads them… to a trailer park. Frightened and giggling, the teens turn around and drive away from “the campground.”)

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