I feel rather ill. All of my stuff is packed and more or less in the living room. I could put it in the van, but… it's too much. I leave tomorrow and I won't be coming back till November probably. Ack! There's so much to be stressed about, luckily I'm in a sort of emotional shock which allows my mind not to wander…

The dam is starting to break and my head is starting to hurt. Luckily I still have Tyenol with Codeine left… hehe. Two down the hatch!

One of the most noticeable signs that I'm leaving, to me at least, is the comic. The next 12 hours or so will be the last 12 hours CPA will ever be produced…

If only I could stick to a statement that dramatic. I'll still have all the files and I'll be able to go back to it… Heehee.

It's not that I'm sad to leave Brookings or my home necessarily, it's just that I'm leaving my comfort zone. After hating it all for so long I finally found happiness… and it's time to leave it. I suppose I can go on to college to have greater things and such, but what about all the friends I have here? I wish I could have my cake and eat it too.

…which creates interesting relationship dilemmas…

Ahem. *cough* Blarg. Bunnies!

Is it too late to go to SDSU? Heck, maybe even USD! I've hung out there plenty. It'd be neat.

blergh. can't do this, can do college, can't do this, can do college

Hope! Opporunity! College! Future! Stuff!

I dam is back. Whee. I'll see everyone again. I'm Topher and my mental status is A-okay. I bleed confidence.

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