–Darlene roared up her head and slowly trotted through the pasture of dreams, it's multi-faceted colors tickling her as she waded through the grassy cacaphony. The gesticulating flowers and amber rays of Tuesday peeled back as she made her way out of the pasture and up the hill of night.
–It was then that her current dream-form, a blend of pinks, blues, and green splashed on an equine campus, began to melt and peal away. Her prior form was replaced with a shifting aetheral rainbow as she was consumed by the blinding blackness.
–“I see you've made it,” boomed the darkness, “the time has come for a great many things to be made understood…”
–And in a flash of insight, the shadowy mists of Darlene telescoped inwardly and exploded with non-colors phasing in and out of impossible geometric forms and emotions. The tendrils of the now hauntingly wispy Darlene plunged themselves into the greater Universe, expanding in all directions at once, seeping into and out of different times, places, and understood realities.
–“This too, is not enough,” thought Darlene, as she took everything inside of her and cast it out again. “It will never be.”

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