heh, err, uhm…

I deserve death. In the face. Uhh.. the face needs work.. it looks dirty… and disproportionate. The technique for this drawing was blech… (tone the paper, erase the white spots, darken in, then draw everything again! curse you vine charcoal, curse you!) Uhm… I tried. I apologize to a certain someone…


Last night I had a dream my mother and I were going to tour the Glensheen mansion again… After we walked inside there was a tent with a musician playing. It was an african american midget on a a keyboard doing a cover of Dispatch's The General. Heh… he had to keep climbing over it […]

"I'm ever so much sassier now."

For those of you that gloss over subject lines (I often forget to look), I'll repeat that.. “I'm ever so much sassier now.” That's from an e-mail my Rhetoric of Pop Culture teacher sent me… She is the coolest teacher ever. Well… next to Prokop. Drawing I is slowly lowering my self esteem… Emo is […]

why am I so stupid?

Edit: in amazing 10 second retrospect, I just realized how fucking emo this post is. hehe GKJSKGJgrakejkfjblarkgjhle… Stupid Andy… well, stupid me. Today I was reading through the triary, listening to Butthole Surfer's Dracula from Houston (Steph talks about it a lot) and… hmm, there was also Mad World, Johnny Cash's Hurt, Oasis's Wonderwall, Cat […]

I apologize…

I should've stuck this onto the other post. I post too much. I'm lame. This is my first real drawing for Drawing I, and… I think it's one of the best drawings I've ever done. It's my view from a bench sitting outside on campus. We got to go outside and draw… hehe it was […]

i accept quarters.

Hmm… reading song lyrics is lame. I only read them about half of the time… heh. That's why you should just download the song. The Dresden Dolls are quite deck. So… pick up Coin Operated Boy and explore the site some. It's neato. the dresden dolls coin operated boy sitting on the shelf he is […]