i need more sleep.

or perhaps a decent sleep schedule (though I did learn yesterday that ms. kroll also follows the 4am bed 11am wake schedule, that amuses me to no end). i was feeling kind of dead earlier, but now not so much. it's not that hot out so i'm going to take a long bikeride, something i've […]

yearning for innocence.

I think I've allowed a bit too much religion into my life lately. Last night I had a dream that I was the sun of god, or at least people said I was, or something. It's probably because I read an essay mentioned in Waking Life where the person theorizes that this is 50 AD […]

giggles and remorse…

Somethings should be let go, heh, I need to practice what I preach. At Amoco last night, I saw the beautiful black haired boy from Amoco again. On second glance, he appears to look homeless (thanks Maren, :P). He also seems to be friends with the employee. I just need to figure out what nights […]

everything falls right into place…

Not exactly, but heh, when does it? This is merely a scattered collection of thoughts and memories from the past week, arguably one of the better weeks this summer, despite human tension. So… right. We, being me and incidentally Maren and Brandi, decided to go to Canada. So last Tuesday at 6am, we did. Avast, […]

first, some literary excerpts

“Because he moved out of our home in Leverett when he was sixteen, my brother was never involved with any of the Finches. He had met them and considered them 'freaks.' He also considered out parents 'freaks' and remained as far away from them as possible. He was designing electric guitars for the rock band […]


I really should give Clint a break, but nihilist jokes amuse the heck out of me. And I need amusement since my body hates me. I've been unexpectedly put on a diet, seeing as how it hurts too damn much to swallow much of anything. Mmmmm… oatmeal and pills, oatmeal and pills. I also feel […]

Let's try this…

“Mom… the truth is I didn't get this hicky from Maren, and the second part of that, well… let's preface it with this. We've known each other for what, some 18 years now? In that time I've loved you and I'm sure you've more or less loved me. I assume that the love is more […]


I've got such mixed emotions about it all… On one hand I'm incredibly embarassed and just want to scream at the world that it's really not what you think… it's… not from a girl. Then on the other hand… I'm kinda proud. It's like saying, here world! I exist. You should've seen it on Wednesday… […]