as someone who is kinda a neat freak… it disturbs me to no end to be over-powered by the smell of my own feet. ick.


He's like super-me or something. You know, topher + talent. And his name has a freaking exclamation point. An exclamation point. And he was in a chorus line. And I've discontinued use of commas, or have I?
Uhm… visit Yankton? Riverboat Days are kinda cool. “The skydivers will be landing in the baseball diamond at 1:30pm.” Take that Arts Festival!

(this is bad. lotsa boys in duluth. why get attached to one nearer home now? weirdo)

“One singular sensation…”

I know too many people in this state. In Yankton for a few hours I saw a camp person, two boys state people, a debater, an interper, and someone from my german class. Feck.

That was a week ago. Oh, heh, he was “coolnetperson” aka funmusicboy. Damn people and their talent. I use crayons and construction paper… he sings, dances, paints murals, the sistene chapel (literally), and… ek. I feel worthless sometimes.

I went to Laramie, Wyoming. I, however, did not stay like my sister who will be attending grad school there. On the way we stopped in Kearney and went on that bridge thingy that's in About Schmidt-it was a lot cooler than expected. Uhm… Nebraska is dead after a point. Lincoln depresses me… sigh. I drove my sister's car the entire way to Laramie. Sleeping and driving don't work… singing Funky Town does. Damn. Choppy. Sentences.

Uhm… yes. I've moved my sister into dorms, apartments, houses, whatever for the past five years and she keeps getting more shit. Carrying all that stuff up to the second floor wasn't too fun, however carrying my stuff up five floors with only my mom and I… that's gonna suck. Oh, right, I leave for college next Friday!

packing anyone?

I was going to give senior gifts. I… never got around to it. I was going to make going away presents.

Jon, going going gone. Matt, Alex, Adrienne, Maren… gone gone gone gone.

In roughly three hours Maren will be getting in a car and driving to Omaha, where she will remain for about two months. This has yet to hit me. I should hit me however. Stupid crazy/silly/ass/wit shit. I can't act properly around people after a certain point, and I really can't face reality. Graduation has barely hit me, let alone moving to college and leaving everyone.

It's times like these that I wish Emma and I were better friends. I try but it's not enough.

It's times like these that I wish I would have spent more time with Tessa.

It's times like these that I wish I'd developed healthy sexual relationships that would allow me to be more than just some 13 year old girl.

There's so much promise in Duluth. So many things that will get left behind. And so many things I've yet to do.

Why am I still here, and why am I still awake?

And why can't Brookings keep a coffee shop open? A place with atmosphere, damnit.

Forget regret. No day but… tomorrow.

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