I haven't been able to associate myself with the person in the mirror for a very long time. Since possibly before middle school even. I look into the mirror and see someone that's more a stranger than they should be. It's not an old friend, it's not what I picture in my head, and it's not me.

I guess I could say that the person in the mirror isn't the person I picture in memory, but my sister was saying that you can't see yourself in a true memory. Thus, your only memory of your physical appearance would be mirrors and pictures? I… don't know.

I've gotten into moods in the past where I'll pause and look into the mirror for a few minutes trying to figure out who it is I see.

And now, being one to extend situations, I've decided to try out that facial hair thing. Well… my sister said I should and I listen to her. So now not only do I see a psuedo-stranger, but I see a pseudo-stranger with weird facial hair.


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