Been awhile since I've written. And sadly, I still don't have much to say.

Well, here we are in the fourth week of my senior year. I can't believe it's gotten so far already. I've done homework about a total of once so far. Go me. And sadly enough, my grades are better than ever. Wouldn't it be beautiful if I could do that in college? I worry about college. I'm barely socially adept enough to go to high school, where everything is guided. I'm going to freak out with the lack of structure college has. Speaking of that, I sent my application in for UMD this week. I'm probably going to go there for lack of a better idea.

When I'm sitting in school, I often wish I was in Steph's place instead. To be able to spend my days doing my own projects would be nice. It doesn't work too well, usually, judging from my accomplishments last summer. (few) I've done just about as much in these four weeks as I've done all summer.

Speaking of accomplishments, I've recently started a collage/scrap book called “Topher's Dream Book.” It's words and pictures that mean something to me / I feel should be expressed. I think I'll scan some pages later. I've been mildly artistic as of late, which is a plus. I fear I'm headed into a rut in that field, as well as everything else.

Today I was pondering what it means to be emotionally mature. I see people who seem to have “realer” problems and truer emotions than I. I envy them. I can't express myself well enough. I just get into these stupid moods that I can't stop. Rationality does little for emotions.

It's been a busy/unbusy week. I, sadly enough, and president of Thespians. I did a little scouting for t-shirt stuff, and that's about it. I need to find out about trips and stuff. My oratory rough draft is due next Monday for debate. I've got a very rough idea. In debate, I just sort of started writing thoughts down today. I'll need to sort those out.

I'm a member of NHS. I need 30 hours of volunteer work by next March I think. I've got two. I plan to volunteer for the young democrats. I hope I can get these all together.

Shortly, I will be eaten by extra-curriculars. I've been practicing my interp piece. Ms. Pies' (the interp coach) first statement on it is “it's different.” I've got mixed feelings about that. She feels the most important part is to make distinct characters, and that's something I struggle with. I will work to make this my best piece. I need to do well my senior year. The reader's theatre has started, but it isn't going fast enough. I blame myself for not starting a week earlier. We've managed to castrate elliot's beautiful prose into 3 pages from 20. That's about it. We're still working on assigning parts. Forget about any idea of movement or speech style.. that's a week or two away. ungh.

and now for some random photography i've been playing with

i'd like this version a lot better if I could figure out how to make maren's color stand out more from the black and white

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