Wow. Lots of dreams last night. I think I'll start telling you some. Read the first one at least.

Hitler, The Dreamer
So, anyway, I was walking into HyVee from the parking lot and I see an elderly woman salute a melancholy looking Hitler sitting on the trunk of a car. I pass him, but turn around a few sconds later and give him a salute. He mutters something in half german/english about saluting. Hitler then asks me what I think he would've done if I hadn't saluted. I say something to the effect of having me eliminated. I go in to HyVee and come out, and when I do Hitler is holding up pictures of his true love. I forget her name. He was handing them out to people, explaining why he loved her. His one condition was that she mustn't know of the pictures, or he'd kill the person.

That ends that segment of the dream, but it continued on.

People</iz.- I escaped to go across the street to runnings, where I saw Clint sitting in a red car. I drove down and parked in front of J.C. Penny's. Inside, I saw Greg Roe, Mohawk Kid, with a group of other people. My experience in J.C. Penneys was basically avoiding a large group of people I knew. I soon escaped to the next room which was an "arcade" consisting of tot race game, a normal race game, some form of basketball game, and a neo-space skiball type game. It was really weird because I felt as if I'd seen the place in another dream or something. Also, when I saw Clint earlier I meant to tell him about the Hitler dream, which is weird considering I hadn't woken up. In one of the arcade games was a weird mechanism with writing on it that spun around to reveal different writing. It was like a written hall of fame. I saw Renee's name first, and some people from the internet, which reminded me I needed to show Steph something. Maren and Seth appeared at some point, and so did their names. They'd apparently been here before. Another section of the thing was addressed to me. That was really weird. It was something to the effect of "We plan to molester Myrth" and some other things with onomatapeia.

So, uhm, yeah. Strange dreams.

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